Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q:  Is there a model for my car?

A:  Our new third generation kit product line includes the following REAR models: 

  Acura 3G TL

Acura 4G TL

Acura TLX

Acura ILX

Infiniti FX35

Infiniti FX37

Infiniti FX50

 Infiniti G25

 Infiniti G35

 Infiniti G37

 Infiniti Q40

 Infiniti Q50

 Infiniti Q60

 Infiniti QX56

Infiniti QX60

Infiniti QX70

Infiniti QX80

Our new third generation kit product line includes the following FRONT models:

Infiniti Q50

Infiniti FX35/45

More models and makes will follow.  The selection of these future models will be based on consumer input and requests (based on our original first generation and second generation makes, though new models are possible).  Contact us for information about a different model.

2.  Q:  Are the rear emblems hard to install?  

A:  No.  The Amp'd Emblems®are sold as a kit that is relatively easy to install.  Watch our install videos to give you a better idea.  It should take you about an hour to install.  (A hole will have to be drilled in the trunk lid, for the wiring, if your vehicle does not have alignment holes in the trunk lid.) 


3.  Q:  What are the basic requirements for the Amp'd Emblems® to work on my vehicle?

A:  The only requirements are, access to one of the following 12V power sources; the brake light, the parking lights, the side marker light, or the license plate light wires, and alignment holes in the trunk lid (for rear Amp'd Emblems® ).  Some emblems have no alignment pins and therefore will require a small hole to be drilled in the trunk lid for the wiring. (Most Acura and Honda emblems have alignment pins/holes.) (Some vehicle LED lighting is not 12V.  Ensure your hookup point is 12V.)


4.  Q:  How do I know if my vehicle has alignment holes (rear only)?

A:  Most Acuras, Hondas, and Mazdas have alignment holes for their emblems.

5.  Q:  What do I connect the wires to?

  A:  The wires for the Amp'd Emblems® can be hooked up to the license plate light wires, the side marker lights, or the parking light wires (rear  Amp'd Emblems®).  This will allow your Amp'd Emblem® to illuminate when at least your vehicle's parking lights are turned on.  Another option is to connect your Amp'd Emblem® to the brake lights or the third brake light.  This will allow your Amp'd Emblem® to illuminate when the brake lights are activated. 

(**Measure the distance from the emblem to your intended wiring hookup point to determine the length of wire needed.**) (Amp'd Emblems® must be connected to a 12V power source.)

6.  Q:  Is there a warranty?

A:  Yes.  If the Amp'd Emblems® circuit fails to illuminate in the first 90 days, contact us first for a return number, then mail it back to us with proof of purchase, and we will repair or replace it.  We will send it back to you free of charge.  The warranty does not cover breakage of the circuit during installation or assembly or due to improper handling.  The emblem circuit kits are fragile until assembled.  You pay for mailing costs to ship the part back to us.

7.  Q:  What comes with my new Amp'd Emblems®?

A:  All Amp'd Emblems® come with our newly designed circuit, hookup wire, connectors, and fishing line for old emblem removal.  Quick setting epoxy is available for order if you don't want to supply your own.  Models that require a hole for the wiring will receive a 1oz tube of clear silicone sealant for the wire hole.

Emblem is not included.  You can use your existing emblem or purchase a new emblem from the dealer or other suppliers.

8.  Q:  How long should the lights last?

A:  The average life span is 20,000 hours.  If you use your car every night, for 3 hours per night, it should last around 18 years!

9.  Q:  Can I wash my Amp'd Emblem® in a car wash?

A:  Yes.  Amp'd Emblems® are water proofed to the best of our abilities.  They do contain electrical components and therefore we recommend avoiding the use of pressure washers aimed directly at the Amp'd Emblems®.

10.  Q:  I have seen some lighted emblems from China, Korea, and Japan, and some are cheaper than Amp'd Emblems®.  What is the difference between yours and the ones made in those countries?

A:  All Amp'd Emblems® are made in the USA from imported parts.  We use our own patented technology which the other companies can't.  Most of the other lighted emblems use a lighted plastic piece that sits between your car and the emblem.  This approach raises the emblem unnaturally off of your car.  That plastic piece is also visible and degrades the look of your emblem and vehicle.  We like to say that their's looks like an "Emblem Sandwich."  Our Amp'd Emblems® are indistinguishable from your stock, OEM emblem.  This gives you a clean, classy, and totally stock (OEM) appearance that fits exactly as it should.